Protein Pancakes by The Better Food Company

  • $15.00

Mmmmm….. Pancakes!  Just because you’re only eating plants, and sticking to that meal plan like your life depends on it, does not mean you should miss out of these delicious, fluffy family favourites! Providing you with that protein hit for breakfast, helping to sustain you throughout the morning and keep the munchies at bay, our Protein Pancakes are calling you! Dress them with your favourite fruits, berries, maple syrup (and maybe even a little nice cream), these Protein Pancakes are easy to make, tasty and will keep the whole family happy!

Using the best plant protein blend on the market, specially sourced from our friends at The Natural Transformer, each slice packs a protein punch like no other pancake you’ll find. Quick and easy to make, simply mix with your favourite plant milk, pan fry in a little coconut oil and devour!

Macros per serve:
8.3G Protein | 1.3G Fats | 25.3G Carbs