3i Black Water

  • $4.70

Why Black Water?

We hear it all the time… “Fruit and vegetables aren’t what they used to be…” It is now clear that mass produced foods like fruits and vegetables show a direct correlation between the produce’s fulvic content and the quality of the soil they are grown in. Due to the same land being used every season to grow crops, important nutrients like fulvic acid doesn’t have enough time to regenerate. All the good stuff is slowly disappearing.

What’s the science behind it? Our fulvic trace mineral blend contains a plethora of nutrients that promote gut health, like: electrolytes, fatty acids and silica. These help nourish the digestive tract and also boost the ability of “good bacteria” to repopulate and form a healthy “microbiome” environment. Our digestive system affects our immunity, our hormone production and even our appetite and stress levels.

Besides providing our bodies with raw nutrients, fulvic acid speeds up the time it takes for these minerals to go where our body needs it most and then boosts the rate of absorption. It’s a nutritional all-rounder and the winning contestant when it comes to getting our cells the minerals they need as quick as possible.

3i Black Water is a 100% Australian made and owned distilled and purified water free from any nasty chemicals found in tap water but with added goodness.

With a pH of 10+ 3i Black Water contains trace minerals, fatty acids, electrolytes, prebiotics and probiotics.



100% Pure Water, Alkline pH 10+, Trace mineral complex & Cell hydration.