Anti-Ageing Skin Set by The Aussie Man

  • $99.00
This is The Aussie Mans most popular skincare set and is suitable for: 

* Guys looking to reduce the visible signs of ageing.

* Our Anti-Ageing set is particularly effective for guys 30+

* Guys who spend a lot of time outdoors or may have some sun damage

    • 1 x Daily Face Wash (200ml)
    • 1 x Anti-Ageing Elixir (15ml) 
    • 1 x Intensive Eye Cream (15ml)
    • 1 x Daily Moisturiser (50 ml)  
  • Daily Face Wash - Delivers deep cleansing and a spectacular antioxidant boost to your skin. It contains Papaya (which gives the skin a healthy glow), Pineapple (which contains Vitamin C which brightens and evens skin tone), and finally White Willow Bark (which gets rid of dead skin cells, making way for fresh, bright and radiant skin).
  • Anti-Ageing Elixir- This stuff is the real deal. It contains active ingredients Gotu Kola (boosts the production of collagen), Seabuckthorn Extract (rich in vitamin A and C which help to soothe skin and improve skin hydration and repair), Vitamin E (neutralises the environmental stressors that destroy collagen and cause fine lines and premature ageing).
  • Daily Moisturiser - Our fast-absorbing light daily moisturiser tackles dead skin and deeply hydrates. key actives of Papaya & White Willow Bark in this dual-action moisturiser dissolve dead skin and deeply hydrate.
  • Intensive Eye Cream - Contains Cucumber Oil to soothe and reduce eye puffiness, and Native Lemon Aspen to strengthen the capillary walls and reduce the appearance of dark circles.