Calming Smudge Sticks - Lavender & Rosemary

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These 'Calming Smudge Sticks' are 100% handmade, using lavender and rosemary, which is sustainably and ethically grown, harvested, dried and carefully tied right in my backyard. They are a great little gift for someone, or of course a gift for yourself. Perfect for those who may have moved into a new space (whether that be a new home or office), to cleanse yourself or space of negative energy and to wind down, relax and be calm.

Approx. 18cm

Listing is for one smudge stick.

Smudging is a term derived from Native American ceremonies where the slow burning herbs and flowers can be used to cleanse and bless people and places.

Lavender is known to help encourage a restful night's sleep as well as peace of mind, relaxation and happiness. Lavender is a unique cleansing herb because when it is burned the lavender scent increases.

Rosemary is said to have great soothing properties ~ it encourages a sense of peace within your environment and helps to remove negative energy within your space.

To use: firstly, open any windows or doors to allow any negative energy to escape. Next set an intention (whether that be letting go of negativity or removing what no longer serves you). Ensure you have a fireproof dish on hand. Light your herbs hold the stick at a 45 degree angle and make contact with a flame. Let it burn for 20-30 seconds, until red embers are present. You can then gently blow out the flame and smoke should be filling the air around you. Work in a clockwise direction, moving to each corner of your space before going into the middle of the room. Be sure to have you fireproof dish under the stick at all times to catch any falling embers. Once you are finished, gently press the burning tip into your fireproof dish until smoke no longer arises. Do not use water to extinguish the tip.

* Handle with care *

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